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About the List

css-discuss is primarily intended to be a place for authors to discuss real-world uses of CSS. This doesn't preclude discussions of theory, or nifty cutting-edge tricks that show off the power of CSS, or even talking about (X)HTML, DOM, and so forth. However, it's greatly appreciated if such discussions have some practical payoff, even if it's just teaching other list members a little bit more about how CSS works. While we don't forbid discussions of the future direction of CSS, the World Wide Web Consortium runs a listserv explicitly for that purpose called www-style. It's probably a better place for those kinds of discussions.

css-discuss was established on 24 January 2002 with the help of John Allsopp, with server resources donated by Western Civilisation. After outgrowing the resources of its original home, the list migrated to css-discuss.org in early December 2002, and is supported by evolt.org. css-discuss is currently chaperoned by Eric A. Meyer, and the servers are tended to by John Handelaar.

Privacy Profile

The following steps have been taken to protect list members from spambot harvesting and other forms of harassment, although no form of defense is ever perfect. These list settings will not be changed without sufficient advance warning on the list itself.